Iran Manual of Style Citation Guide for BibTeX

Farshad Rasuli
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05/10/2024 09:56:03
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The iran-bibtex package, designed for LaTeX, provides BibTeX styles in accordance with the guidelines outlined in the Iran Manual of Style (1st edn., 2016)—citation guide to Persian, and English information sources. A collection of illustrative examples showcasing the usage of this package has been meticulously prepared and is accessible in the package’s GitHub repository under the ‘examples’ sub-directory. To facilitate alphabetical sorting of references, prioritizing Persian/Farsi items ahead of English/Latin ones, a dedicated file named iran-bibtex-cp1256fa.csf is provided for use with this package. This file, derived from the ascii.csf file, serves the purpose of arranging references in the desired order. It is important to note that this package relies on the natbib package, which is automatically loaded.