A new reference scheme for LaTeX

Heiko Oberdiek
Packaged on:
09/22/2023 11:54:43
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108.81 kB

This package offers a means to remove the limitation, of only two properties, that is inherent in the way LaTeX’s reference system works. The package implements an extensible referencing system, where properties may be defined and used in the course of a document. It provides an interface for macro programmers to access the new reference scheme and some modules that use it. Modules available are: zref-user, use zref for “traditional” labels and references; zref-abspage, retrieve absolute page numbers (physical pages, as opposed to the ‘logical’ page number that is normally typeset when a page number is requested; zref-lastpage, provide a zref-label for the last page of the document; zref-nextpage, provide the page number of the next page of the document; zref-totpages, provide the total number of pages in the document; zref-pagelayout, provide the page layout parameters of a each page (which may then be printed at the end of the document); zref-perpage, make a counter reset for each new page; zref-titleref, make section title or caption text available through the reference system; zref-savepos, make positions on a page available; zref-dotfill, controlled dot-filling; zref-env, record the latest environment’s name and the line it started on; and zref-xr, provide the facilities of the xr and xr-hyper packages.