Expandable operations on long numbers

Jean-François Burnol
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06/12/2022 20:11:25
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The xint bundle main modules are: xinttools utilities of independent interest such as expandable and non-expandable loops, xintcore expandable macros implementing addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and powers for arbitrarily long integers, xint extension of xintcore, xintfrac extends the scope of xint to decimal numbers, to numbers using scientific notation and also to (exact) fractions, xintexpr provides expandable parsers of numeric expressions using the standard infix notations, parentheses, built-in functions, user definable functions and variables (and more ...) which do either exact evaluations (also with fractions) or floating point evaluations under a user chosen precision. Further modules of the bundle are: xintkernel (support macros for all the bundle constituents), xintbinhex (conversion to and from hexadecimal and binary bases), xintgcd (provides gcd() and lcm() functions to xintexpr), xintseries (evaluates numerically partial sums of series and power series with fractional coefficients), and xintcfrac (dedicated to the computation and display of continued fractions). All computations are compatible with expansion-only context. The packages may be used with Plain TeX, LaTeX, or (a priori) any other macro format built upon TeX.