Unicode data and loaders for TeX

The LaTeX3 Project
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09/23/2022 20:11:42
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This bundle provides generic access to Unicode Consortium data for TeX use. It contains a set of text files provided by the Unicode Consortium which are currently all from Unicode 8.0.0, with the exception of MathClass.txt which is not currently part of the Unicode Character Database. Accompanying these source data are generic TeX loader files allowing this data to be used as part of TeX runs, in particular in building format files. Currently there are two loader files: one for general character set up and one for initialising XeTeX character classes as has been carried out to date by unicode-letters.tex. The source data are distributed in accordance with the license stipulated by the Unicode Consortium. The bundle as a whole is co-ordinated by the LaTeX3 Project as a general resource for TeX users.