Corporate Design of Technische Universität Dresden

Falk Hanisch
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08/11/2022 20:12:05
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The TUD-Script bundle provides both classes and packages in order to create LaTeX documents in the corporate design of the Technische Universität Dresden. It bases on the KOMA-Script bundle, which must necessarily be present. For questions, problems and comments, please refer to either the LaTeX forum of the Dresden University of Technology or the GitHub “tudscr” repository. The bundle offers: the three document classes tudscrartcl, tudscrreprt, and tudscrbook which serve as wrapper classes for scrartcl, scrreprt, and scrbook, the class tudscrposter for creating posters, the package tudscrsupervisor providing environments and macros to create tasks, evaluations and notices for scientific theses, the package tudscrfonts, which makes the corporate design fonts of the Technische Universität Dresden available for LaTeX standard classes and KOMA-Script classes, the package fix-tudscrfonts, which provides the same fonts to additional corporate design classes not related to TUD-Script, the package tudscrcomp, which simplifies the switch to TUD-Script from external corporate design classes, the package mathswap for swapping math delimiters within numbers (similar to ionumbers), the package twocolfix for fixing the positioning bug of headings in twocolumn layout, and a comprehensive user documentation as well as several tutorials.