Typeset Karnaugh maps using TikZ

Luis Paulo Laus
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02/18/2022 21:12:01
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The tikz-karnaugh package is a LaTeX package used to draw Karnaugh maps. It uses TikZ to produce high quality graph from 1 to 12 variables, but this upper limit depends on the TeX memory usage and can be different for you. It is very good for presentation since TikZ allows for a better control over the final appearance of the map. You can control colour, styles and distances. It can be considered as an upgrade and extension of Andreas W. Wieland's karnaugh package towards TikZ supporting. Upgrade because uses TikZ for more option on typesetting and overall higher quality. Extension because it also supports American style and inputting the values as they would appear in the map or in the truth table. Complex maps with solution (implicants) pointed out can be generated with external java software (see documentation for details). It supports both American and traditional (simplified labels) styles and from version 1.3 on American style is natively supported, therefore, no more addition work is required to typeset Gray coded labels, variable names etc. From version 1.4, two new macros allow typesetting a map much more similarly as it should appear. Original order, as the values appear in the truth table, still being supported.