Cross-platform Java application to query OS information

Nicola Talbot
Packaged on:
2/5/2020 9:11:33 PM
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851.21 kB

This package provides a cross-platform Java application to query OS information designed for use in TeX’s shell escape mechanism. The application can query the following: locale and codeset current working directory user home directory temporary directory OS name, arch and version Current date and time in PDF format (for TeX formats that don’t provide \pdfcreationdate) Date-time stamp of a file in PDF format (for TeX formats that don't provide \pdffilemoddate) Size of a file in bytes (for TeX formats that don’t provide \pdffilesize) Contents of a directory (captured as a list) Directory contents filtered by regular expression (captured as a list) URI of a file Canonical path of a file All paths use a forward slash as directory divider so results can be used, for example, in commands like \includegraphics. There are files provided for easy access in TeX documents: texosquery.tex: generic TeX code texosquery.sty: LaTeX package This provides commands to run texosquery using TeX’s shell escape mechanism and capture the result in a control sequence. The category code of most of TeX’s default special characters (and some other potentially problematic characters) is temporarily changed to 12 while reading the result.