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The package provides a single environment, tabu, which will make any sort of tabular (that doesn't need to split across pages). The package requires the array package, and needs e-TeX to run (since array.sty is present in every conforming distribution of LaTeX, and since every publicly available LaTeX format is built using e-TeX, the requirements are provided by default on any reasonable system). The tabu environment may be used in place of tabular, tabular* and tabularx environments, as well as array in maths mode. It overloads tabularx's X-column specification, allowing a width specification, alignment (l, r, c and j) and column type indication (p, m and b). \begin{tabu} to <dimen> specifies a target width, and \begin{tabu} spread <dimen> enlarges the environment&#8217;s &#8220;natural&#8221; width.