Joseph Rabinoff
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10/7/2016 9:14:32 PM
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Typeset matrices and arrays with spaces and semicolons as delimiters. The purpose of this package is to decrease the number of keystrokes needed to typeset small amounts of aligned material (matrices, arrays, etc.). It provides a facility for typing alignment environments and macros with spaces as the alignment delimiter and semicolons (by default) as the end-of-row indicator. For instance, typeset a matrix using \spalignmat{1 12 -3; 24 -2 2; 0 0 1}, or a vector using \spalignvector{22 \frac{1}{2} -14}. This package also contains utility macros for typesetting augmented matrices, vectors, arrays, systems of equations, and more, and is easily extendable to other situations that use alignments. People who have to typeset a large number of matrices (like linear algebra teachers) should find this package to be a real time saver.