A collection of LaTeX packages and classes

Alexey Shipunov
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10/8/2019 8:11:47 PM
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The bundle collects packages and classes, along with one bibliography style and examples and scripts for converting TeX files. Many of the files in the collection are designed to support field biologists and/or Russian writers, while others have wider application. The collection includes: add2 – Save trees. Quick way to fit as many as possible into one page. Good for handouts. altverse – Typesetting verses. Straightforward typesetting, using the xtab package to aid layout. autolist – More lists. A means to define various sorts of list. biokey – Flexible identification key tables in LaTeX. The package provides straightforward macros to typeset sets of biological identification keys. Layout is flexible, and the macros will be useful in other disciplines. biolist – List observed species. Pretty formatting of species lists of flora and fauna. boldline – Heavier lines in tables. The package provides commands replacing \hline and \cline, as well as a table preamble element, that generate heavy lines. cassete (with one 't') – Print labels for audio cassettes. This is a LaTeX2e class file (the only other cassette package on CTAN is 'cassette' (with two 't'), written for Plain TeX). classif2 – Biological classification tables. The package defines an environment classif that simplifies the process of typesetting classification tables. dline – Double line on the left of text. drcaps – Simple dropped capitals. The package offers simple macros for dropped capitals, in a couple of forms. etiketka – Class for typesetting business-card-sized information (including business cards). flower – Typesetting lists of flower formulas. isyntax – Interactively check LaTeX file syntax. numerus – Spell numbers in Russian words. punct – Within italicized text, punctuation is still straight, this is typographically more aesthetic. qqru – Universal quotation marks, for Russian and English. It is able also to convert uniform typewriter "quotes" into left or right typographic quotes. rusnat – Bibliography style file, now deprecated. sltables – Simplified tables for LaTeX. These macros develop the concepts of the stables, which are designed to offer table macros whose use is "as simple as one might hope". Some would claim that LaTeX's built-in table specifications are as simple as one might hope, but this package offers many short-cuts and optimization of the mechanisms of tables. starfn – Stars as footnote marks. textfrac – Simple slanted fractions.