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The package is built for use with PSTricks. It provides macros for plotting and manipulating various mathematical functions: polynomials and their derivatives f(x)=an*x^n+an-1*x^(n-1)+...+a0 defined by the coefficients a0 a1 a2 ... and the derivative order; the Fourier sum f(x) = a0/2+a1cos(omega x)+...+b1sin(omega x)+... defined by the coefficients a0 a1 a2 ... b1 b2 b3 ...; the Bessel function defined by its order; the Gauss function defined by sigma and mu; Bézier curves from order 1 (two control points) to order 9 (10 control points); the superellipse function (the Lamé curve); Chebyshev polynomials of the first and second kind; the Thomae (or popcorn) function; the Weierstrass function; various integration-derived functions; normal, binomial, poisson, gamma, chi-squared, student’s t, F, beta, Cauchy and Weibull distribution functions and the Lorenz curve; the zeroes of a function, or the intermediate point of two functions; the Vasicek function for describing the evolution of interest rates; and implicit functions. The plots may be generated as volumes of rotation about the X-axis, as well.