Commands for inserting annotations

Wybo Dekker
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04/26/2019 20:11:34
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This package defines a few LaTeX commands that may be useful when you proofread a LaTeX document. They allow you to easily highlight text and add comments in the margin. Vim escape sequences are provided for inserting or removing these LaTeX commands in the source. Options are provided for displaying the document with extra line spacing, and for displaying it in either corrected or uncorrected state, both without margin notes. The package is based on code for a text highlighting command that was published by Antal Spector-Zabusky on The main file, proofread.dtx, is self-extracting, so you can generate the style file by compiling proofread.dtx with pdfLaTeX. This package is based on the soul package; so if you plan to highlight non-ASCII characters, you must compile your source with either XeTeX- or LuaTeX-based compilers.