D. P. Story
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12/31/2019 9:11:47 PM
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The “poor man's database” (pmdb) package promotes a workflow for building exams, homework, and other content. The package supports the creation of a PDF document, which is a database of problems (or content) to be included in a target document. The package inserts checkboxes into the margins of the DB document. The instructor can select which which of the problems are to be included in the target document by checking one ore more of the checkboxes. By clicking the special \displayChoices control, the selected content is copied into the AR/AA console window in the form of \input statements (\input{prob1.tex}, eg), which is then be copied and pasted into the target document. By pressing Ctrl+Click while hovering over a checkbox, the associated content is loaded into the default application, possibly a LaTeX editor. For the Ctrl+Click feature to work, the file aeb-reader.js needs to be installed. As the filename suggests, this file will work for Adobe Acrobat Reader (DC), as well as for Adobe Acrobat itself.