Typeset extended abstracts for conferences, such as often encountered in quantum information theory

Philippe Faist,
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10/14/2021 8:11:47 PM
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Several conferences in various fields (such as quantum information theory) require the submission of extended abstracts. An extended abstract is a summary of a scientific result, presented at a high level, and consisting of at most a small handful of pages. The phfextendedabstract LaTeX class provides a simple style for such abstracts. There are only two sectioning levels, sections and paragraphs, and the style is optimized to save space as well as to guide the reader's eye through the overall structure of the document. An option will try to compress all vertical space to save some space, in case you need to satisfy page constraints. The style builds upon the powerful RevTeX class, so you can use all of RevTeX's features such as author affiliations, etc.