Environments for writing optimization problems

Jesus Lago Garcia
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04/24/2019 20:11:51
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This small library provides a standard set of environments for writing optimization problems. It automatically aligns the problems in three points with an optional fourth: Beginning of the words “minimize/argmin” and “subject to” The objective function and the longest left hand side of the constraints. The $= | > | <$ signs of the constraints. Optionally, the user can add manually a double align character && to align some common constraints feature. A clear example could be the constraints names, e.g. (boundary constraint) alignment with (dynamic constraint). Furthermore, it provides an easy interface to define optimization problem for three different reference situations: Where no equation is referenced/numbered. Where the problem is referenced with a single number. Where each equation has an individual reference. Finally, it also allows a definition of any optimization problem without a limitless number of constraints.