Erwann Rogard
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3/12/2020 9:11:19 PM
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oops is a package for LaTeX (hence "scribe") that organizes (typically mathematical) definitions along two dimensions: functions and objects, hence"OO". Such definitions are made inline thanks to a minimalist interface built upon xparse. To make a definition, use \OopsNew{<tl1>}, where <tl1> identifies an object, fol- lowed by input that alternates between "text" and instructions. The latter create and expand definitions using rules that can be modified at the package level or themselves inline. This framework is suitable for instance where <tl1> is either of ModelA and ModelB, and each requires its own definition of, say, a space. In this case, they would be encoded respectively as \Space{ModelA} and \Space{ModelB}. However, this would be verbose if most functions applied to just one object, so the package provides a generic one that is set by default to Math. For example, \OopsNew{Math}[Let~]{Space=\Omega}[~denote the sample space]{}, followed by $\Space$, expand to: "Let Omega denote the sample space" and "Omega". Other features automate repetitive formatting tasks. Altogether, "practical".