Collection of plain TeX macros written by Petr Olšák

Aug. 2022
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08/11/2022 20:12:05
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This is a collection of various single-file plain TeX macros written by Petr Olšák. The documentation is included in each file separately. booklet.tex: re-orders PDF pages and collects them for booklet printing cnv.tex: conversion of texts cnv-pu.tex: example of usage of cnv.tex --- pdf outlines in Unicode cnv-word.tex: example of usage of cnv.tex --- word to word conversion eparam.tex: Full expansion during parameter scanning fun-coffee.tex: generates splotches in the document openclose.tex: repairs balanced text between \Open ...\Close pair qrcode.tex: QR code generated at TeX level scanbase.tex: parser of text-style mysql outputs scancsv.tex: parser of CSV format seplist.tex: macros with alternative separators of a parameter xmlparser.tex: parser of XML language