A late medieval OpenType textura font

Tommi Syrjänen
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12/30/2016 9:01:44 PM
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This package contains the free OpenType Textura font Missaali and a style file for using it with XeLaTeX. Textura is a typeface based on the textus quadratus form of the textualis formata that late medieval scribes used for the most valuable manuscripts. The font Missaali is based on Textura that German printer Bartholomew Ghotan used for printing missals and psalters in the 1480s. This font has two intended use cases: as a Gothic display font; and for emulating late-medieval manuscripts. In addition to the basic textura letters, the font contains a large number of abbreviation sigla as well as a set of Lombardic initials. As modern typesetting algorithms are not intended for creating 15th century style layout, the package contains a XeLaTeX style file that makes it easier to achieve the classic incunabula look.