Numerical integration using Lua inside LaTeX documents

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11/23/2023 15:16:35
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This package uses Lua to calculate the numerical integral value of real-valued functions of a real variable over closed and bounded intervals. The package provides commands to perform numerical integration using the mid-point, trapezoidal, and Simpson’s one-third and three-eighth rules. The loadstring command is used to load and evaluate functions at different points in the mathematics environment of Lua. The package also provides commands to perform numerical integration using step-by-step calculations. The package’s commands have an optional argument to round off the numbers to the desired number of decimal places. The breqn package is loaded to display and align step-by-step calculations properly. Advanced users can customize the code to achieve the desired formatting of step-by-step computations. The package can assist in creating various problems on numerical integration with their solutions. The results obtained using different methods of numerical integration can be compared. It can save users’ efforts of doing computations involving numerical integration in external software and copying them inside LaTeX documents.