Embed Mathematica code and plots into LaTeX

Yi Liu
Packaged on:
3/4/2019 9:11:24 PM
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763.64 kB

This LaTeX package allows you to embed and execute your Wolfram Language (Mathematica) source code in a LaTeX document. When the document is compiled, the computation results will be inserted into the compiled file. In addition to general Wolfram Language computations it is also quite easy to generate plots or animations with this package. Moreover, all the embedded code can be executed either locally (via locally installed Mathematica) or on the cloud (via Wolfram Cloud). The main features of this package are somewhat similar to SageTeX, but here we use Wolfram Language (Mathematica) instead of Sage. The package is heavily inspired by LaTeX-Alpha, which also explains the name “latexalpha2”. Unfortunately, LaTeX-Alpha has been down for a while. The objective of latexalpha2 is to replace LaTeX-Alpha and at the same time provide various new features.