Convert LaTeX source to Braille with math in Nemeth

Andreas Papasalοuros, Antonis Tsolomitis
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12/14/2022 16:41:16
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After many failed attempts to transcribe real math notes and books to Braille/Nemeth in order to deal with a real situation (blind student in Math Dept.), we decided to develop a new program that follows a direct, from LaTeX to Braille/Nemeth, approach. Our main target was the Greek language which is only Braille level 1, but English at level 1 is supported as well. Simple pictures in PSTricks are also supported in order to produce tactile graphics with specialized equipment. Note that embossing will need LibreOffice and odt2braille as this project does not deal with embossers’ drivers. What’s new in version 1.1 In this version, the support of the user level commands of the amsmath package was added, as described in its user guide, with the exception of commutative diagrams (amscd package) as well as structures that are irrelevant to visually impared persons. Also, the Unicode mathematics symbols of the unicode-math package that are represented by the Nemeth code are now supported by latex2nemeth. We would like to acknowledge support by the TUGfund for this project (TUGfund project 33).