Experimental LaTeX3 concepts

The LaTeX3 Project
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04/23/2022 20:11:23
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The l3experimental packages are a collection of experimental implementations for aspects of the LaTeX3 kernel, dealing with higher-level ideas such as the Designer Interface. Some of them work as stand alone packages, providing new functionality, and can be used on top of LaTeX2e with no changes to the existing kernel. The present release includes: l3benchmark for measuring the time taken by TeX to run certain code; l3draw, a code-level interface for constructing drawings; l3graphics, an interfaces for the inclusion of graphics files; l3opacity, support for opacity in PDF output; l3str, support for string manipulation; l3bitset, support for bit vectors; l3sys-shell, which provides abstractions for common shell functions like file deletion and copying; xcoffins, which allows the alignment of boxes using a series of ‘handle’ positions, supplementing the simple TeX reference point; xgalley, which controls boxes receiving text for typesetting.