Build a jeopardy game in LaTeX.

Robert Mařík
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04/13/2010 08:37:24
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The jeopardy package allows to build a jeopardy game with pdfLaTeX. It is based on the jj_game class and exerquiz package, written by D. P. Story. The author of the game can use multichoice questions or fill-in questions. The answer for fill-in questions is either a mathematical formula or text string (see the documentation of exerquiz and \RespBoxMath and \RespBoxTxt commands to learn more about the capabilities). JavaScripts are written to record the score. If the score is greater than a given value, a hidden string is shown. The user should use the style with some screen presentation package, such as web. The package is distributed with some example games, including both 1- and 2-player games.