A two-element sans-serif font.

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08/09/2010 12:47:43
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Iwona is a two-element sans-serif typeface. It was created as an alternative version of the Kurier typeface, which was designed in 1975 for a diploma in typeface design at the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts under the supervision of Roman Tomaszewski. This distribution contains a significantly extended set of characters covering the following modern alphabets: latin (including Vietnamese), Cyrillic and Greek as well as a number of additional symbols (including mathematical symbols). The fonts are prepared in Type 1 and OpenType formats. For use with TeX the following encoding files have been prepared: T1 (ec), T2 (abc), and OT2—Cyrillic, T5 (Vietnamese), OT4, QX, texansi and—nonstandard (IL2 for the Czech fonts), as well as supporting macros and files defining fonts for LaTeX.