Macros for typesetting high energy physics particle names.

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HEPparticles is a set of macros for typesetting high energy particle names, to meet the following criteria: 1. The main particle name is a Roman or Greek symbol, to be typeset in upright font in normal contexts. 2. Additionally a superscript and/or subscript may follow the main symbol. 3. Particle resonances may also have a resonance specifier which is typeset in parentheses following the main symbol. In general the parentheses may also be followed by sub- and superscripts. 4. The particle names are expected to be used both in and out of mathematical contexts. 5. If the surrounding text is bold or italic then the particle name should adapt to that context as best as possible (this may not be possible for Greek symbols). A consequence of point 5 is that the well-known problems with boldness of particle names in section titles, headers and tables of contents automatically disappear if these macros are used.