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The Helmholtz-Ellis JI Pitch Notation (HEJI), devised in the early 2000s by Marc Sabat and Wolfgang von Schweinitz, explicitly notates the raising and lowering of the untempered diatonic Pythagorean notes by specific microtonal ratios defined for each prime. It provides visually distinctive “logos” distinguishing families of justly tuned intervals that relate to the harmonic series. These take the form of strings of additional accidental symbols based on historical precedents, extending the traditional sharps and flats. Since its 2020 update, HEJI ver. 2 (“HEJI2”) provides unique microtonal symbols through the 47-limit. This package is a simple LaTeX implementation of HEJI2 that allows for in-line typesetting of microtonal accidentals for use within theoretical texts, program notes, symbol legends, etc. Documents must be compiled using XeLaTeX.