LaTeX template for Chinese exams

Zeping Lee, Kangwei Xia, Lijun Guo
Packaged on:
07/04/2023 12:39:30
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Although there are already several excellent exam packages or classes like exam and bhcexam, these do not fit the Chinese style very well, or they cannot be customized easily for Chinese exams of all types, like exams in primary school, junior high school, senior high school and even college. This is the main reason why this package was created. This package provides a class exam-zh.cls and several module packages like exam-zh-question.sty and exam-zh-choices.sty, where these module packages can be used individually. Using exam-zh you can separate the format and the content very well; use the choices environment to typeset choice items easily and automatically; design the seal line easily; and more (see manual).