Macros related to "Introdktion til LaTeX".

Lars Madsen
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3/8/2010 3:40:04 PM
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The bundle contains various macros either used for creating the author’s book “Introduktion til LaTeX” (in Danish), or presented in the book as code tips. The bundle comprises: – dlfltxbcodetips: various macros helpful in typesetting mathematics; – dlfltxbmarkup: provides a macros used throughout the book, for registering macro names, packages etc. in the text, in the margin and in the index, all by using categorised keys (note, a configuration file may be used; a sample is included in the distribution); – dlfltxbtocconfig: macros for the two tables of contents that the book has; – dlfltxbmisc: various macros for typesetting LaTeX arguments, and the macro used in the bibliography that can wrap a URL up into a bibtex entry. Interested parties may review the book itself on the web at the author’s institution (it is written in Danish).