Create a popup datepicker using SWF

D. P. Story
Packaged on:
07/05/2018 20:12:01
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1.5 MB

One of the (many) deficiencies of Adobe Acrobat Reader/Adobe Acrobat is that they have never supported a proper date picker. This package now supplies one. The \datepicker command creates a readonly text field and a push button to its right. Pressing on the pushbutton brings forth a SWF file displaying a calendar. The user then chooses a date from the calendar, the the date is transferred to the text field. This is a "pro" application, which, in the jargon of AeB, means that Adobe Distiller is required as the PDF creator. The only drivers supported, as a result, are dvips and dvipsone. As with all such special features, to experience the datepicker, Adobe Reader or Acrobat are needed. Most other PDF readers do not support form field, rich media annotations, and JavaScript.