Support for Cooperative Writing and editorial comments

Geraldo Xexéo
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01/24/2022 21:11:36
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This package for Cooperative Writing supports editorial comments and gives some extra support for writing and submitting papers, such as anonymization commands for any document that involves more than one author or editor. The general behavior of this package is to provide different ways of marking your text, for example with comments or to-do-notes, suggestions to add, remove or change text that can be totally supressed from the output when desired. Mostly, this can be easily done using one of the three main option states: editing, submit, and publish. Users should use the editing state most of the time. In this state, all markings will appear and anonymization will be off. When submitting, the submit state will provide a clean article, without any markings, but anonymized. It is possible to use the options submit and noanonymize together. Publish will never anonymize. The goal is to make the submit and publish documents states minimally invasive, to avoid any clash with publishers’ styles. Commands were inspired from different packages that do not work together very well, such as ed, todonotes, and color-edits.