Enhanced support for the Latin Modern fonts

Clea F. Rees
Packaged on:
10/12/2015 17:00:13
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6.42 MB

The package supports a number of features of the Latin Modern fonts which are not easily accessible via the default (La)TeX support provided in the official distribution. In particular, the package supports the use of the various styles of digits available, small-caps and upright italic shapes, and alternative weights and widths. It also supports variable width typewriter and the “quotation” font. Version 2.004 of the Latin Modern fonts is supported. By default, the package uses proportional oldstyle digits and variable width typewriter but this can be changed by passing appropriate options to the package. The package also supports using (for example) different styles of digits within a document so it is possible to use proportional oldstyle digits by default, say, but tabular lining digits within a particular table. The package requires the official Latin Modern distribution, including its (La)TeX support. The package relies on the availability of both the fonts themselves and the official font support files. The package also makes use of the nfssext-cfr package. Only the T1 and TS1 encodings are supported for text fonts. The set up of fonts for mathematics is identical to that provided by Latin Modern.