Flexible Captioning and Deferred Box/List Printing.

Steven B. Segletes
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11/2/2012 9:00:06 PM
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389.9 kB

The package allows the user to optimise presentation of LaTeX tables and figures. Boxhandler will lay out table and figure captions with a variety of stylistic apperances, and will also allow figures and tables to be “wrapped” in a manner consistent with many business and government documents. For a document that might appear in different venues with different formatting, boxhandler permits the creation of a LaTeX source document that can, with a single-line change in the source code, produce an output that has very different layout from the baseline configuration, not only in terms of caption style, but more importantly in terms of the locations where figures, tables and lists appear (or not) in the document. Deferral routines also allow one to keep all figure and table data in a separate source file, while nonetheless producing a document with figures and tables appearing in the desired location.