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The \boolexpr macro evaluates boolean expressions in a purely expandable way. \boolexpr{ A \OR B \AND C } expands to 0 if the logical expression is TRUE. A, B, C may be: &#8211; numeric expressions such as: x=y, x<>y, x>y or x<y; &#8211; boolean switches: \iftrue 0\else 1\fi; &#8211; conditionals: \ifcsname whatsit\endcsname 0\else 1\fi; &#8211; another \boolexpr: \boolexpr{ D \OR E \AND F }: \boolexpr may be used with \ifcase: \ifcase\boolexpr{ A \OR B \AND C } What to do if true \else What to do if false \fi