Sophisticated Bibliographies in LaTeX (multiscript version)

Philipp Lehman
Packaged on:
03/17/2023 13:06:11
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This package is the "multiscript" version of the BibLaTeX package intended to solve the issues faced by those wishing to create multiligual bibliographies. It is intended to be backwards-compatible with the standard BibLaTeX package and includes significantly enhanced optional functionality: Fields in data files can have different form/language alternates in the same entry Options to select/print a specific alternate are generally available babel/polyglossia language switching is done automatically based on the language associated with a field The intention is that this version will eventually replace standard BibLaTeX and is being released as an independent package to allow for wider testing and feedback. It can be installed in parallel with standard BibLaTeX and the package name is biblatex-ms. It requires the use of the multiscript version of biber (biber-ms).