Philipp Lehman
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8/30/2020 8:11:55 PM
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BibLaTeX is a complete reimplementation of the bibliographic facilities provided by LaTeX. Formatting of the bibliography is entirely controlled by LaTeX macros, and a working knowledge of LaTeX should be sufficient to design new bibliography and citation styles. BibLaTeX uses its own data backend program called “biber” to read and process the bibliographic data. With biber, BibLaTeX has many features rivalling or surpassing other bibliography systems. To mention a few: Full Unicode support Highly customisable sorting using the Unicode Collation Algorithm + CLDR tailoring Highly customisable bibliography labels Complex macro-based on-the-fly data modification without changing your data sources A tool mode for transforming bibliographic data sources Multiple bibliographies and lists of bibliographic information in the same document with different sorting Highly customisable data source inheritance rules Polyglossia and babel suppport for automatic language switching for bibliographic entries and citations Automatic bibliography data recoding (UTF-8 -> latin1, LaTeX macros -> UTF-8 etc) Remote data sources Highly sophisticated automatic name and name list disambiguation system Highly customisable data model so users can define their own bibliographic data types Validation of bibliographic data against a data model Subdivided and/or filtered bibligraphies, bibliographies per chapter, section etc. Apart from the features unique to BibLaTeX, the package also incorporates core features of the following packages: babelbib, bibtopic, bibunits, chapterbib, cite, inlinebib, mcite and mciteplus, mlbib, multibib, splitbib. The package strictly requires e-TeX BibTeX, bibtex8, or Biber etoolbox 2.1 or later logreq 1.0 or later keyval ifthen url Biber, babel / polyglossia, and csquotes 4.4 or later are strongly recommended.