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BibArts is a LaTeX package to assist in making bibliographical features common in the arts, and the humanities (history, political science, philosophy, etc.). bibarts.sty provides commands for quotation, abbreviations, and especially for a formatted citation of literature, journals (periodicals), edited sources, and archive sources. In difference to its forerunner, it helps to use slanted fonts (italics), and is able to set ibidem automatically in footnotes. It will also copy all citation information, abbreviations, and register key words into lists for an automatically generated appendix. That lists could refer to page and footnote numbers. BibArts has nothing to do with BibTeX. The lists are created by bibsort. BibArts requires a program, for which source and Windows executable are provided. The program creates the bibliography without using MakeIndex or BibTeX. Its source is not written for a certain operating system. A summary of contents is in English; the full documentation is in German.