Command line application to convert .bib files to glossaries-extra.sty resource files

Nicola L. C. Talbot
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7/19/2020 8:11:39 PM
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This Java command line application may be used to extract glossary information stored in a .bib file and convert it into glossary entry definition commands. This application should be used with glossaries-extra.sty’s ‘record’ package option. It performs two functions in one: selects entries according to records found in the .aux file (similar to bibtex), hierarchically sorts entries and collates location lists (similar to makeindex or xindy). The glossary entries can then be managed in a system such as JabRef, and only the entries that are actually required will be defined, reducing the resources required by TeX. The supplementary application convertgls2bib can be used to convert existing .tex files containing definitions (\newglossaryentry etc.) to the .bib format required by bib2gls.