A modern, elegant, and versatile theme for Beamer

Thomas Lambert
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05/15/2022 20:11:18
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This package provides a modern, elegant and versatile theme for Beamer, with a high degree of customization. Trigon found its origin and inspiration in the graphical guidelines resulting from the visual identity overhaul of the University of Liège. Although directly inspired from these guidelines, the theme was stripped out of any mention or specificities related to the University and its faculties. This makes the Trigon theme perfectly suitable for many different contexts. The final product provides a modern, elegant and versatile theme with a high degree of customization. The main design focuses on triangular shapes for major layout elements and noise minimization for the main body of the work. The theme’s implementation is heavily inspired from the Metropolis theme. Most options from Metropolis have been ported to Trigon in order to improve customization and ease-of-use. Trigon also includes different styles and layouts for the main title page, the section page and the default slide background.