A LaTeX template for ASME conference papers

John Lienhard
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09/23/2022 20:11:42
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The asmeconf class provides a LaTeX template for ASME conference papers, following ASME's guidelines for margins, fonts, headings, captions, and reference formats as of 2022. This LaTeX template is intended to be used with the asmeconf.bst BibTeX style, for reference formatting, which is part of this distribution. Unlike older ASME conference LaTeX templates, asmeconf pdfs will contain hyperlinks, bookmarks, and metadata; and the references can include the DOI and URL fields. This LaTeX template enables inline author names, following ASME’s current style, but it can also produce the traditional grid style. Options include line numbering, final column balancing, various math options, government copyright, archivability (PDF/A), and multilingual support. The code is compatible with pdfLaTeX or LuaLaTeX. This LaTeX template is not a publication of ASME, but it does conform to ASME's currently published guidelines for conference papers.