American Mathematical Society
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7/5/2019 8:11:47 PM
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The original amscd package provides a CD environment that emulates the commutative diagram capabilities of AMS-TeX version 2.x. This means that only simple rectangular diagrams are supported, with no diagonal arrows or more exotic features. This enhancement package implements double (“fat”), dashed, and bidirectional arrows (left-right and up-down), and color attributes for arrows and their annotations. The restriction to rectangular geometry remains. This nevertheless allows the drawing of a much broader class of “commutative-diagram-like” diagrams. This update, 2.2x of 2019-07-02, fixes the dashed-arrows parts placement bug, and adds the package option 'lyx', for use with lyx to prevent conflict with the already loaded amscd. The packages xcolor and graphicx are made required.