A late medieval OpenType cursive font

Tommi Syrjänen
Packaged on:
07/27/2021 20:11:41
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152.82 kB

The package contains the free OpenType medieval cursive font Aboensis and a style file to use it in XeLaTeX documents. The font is based on Codex Aboensis, that is a law book written in Sweden in the 1430s. Since medieval cursive is very difficult to read for modern people, the font is not suitable for use as an ordinary book font, but is intended for emulating late medieval manuscripts. The font contains two sets of initials: Lombardic and cursive to go with the basic alphabet, and there is support for writing two-colored initials and capitals. There are also a large number of abbreviation sigla that can be accessed as ligature substitutions. The style file contains macros that help to use the extended features of the font such as initials and two-colored capitals. There are also macros to help achieve even pages with consistent line spacing.