This article contains the the change log for the MiKTeX pre-release, also known as MiKTeX NEXT.

MiKTeX NEXT contains the latest MiKTeX updates. See this KB article for more information.

New programs

Upgraded programs

  • TeXworks 0.6.2

Changed programs

  • dvipdfmx
    • Support additional length units (from TL)
  • pdfTeX
    • Adding SyncTeX support to \pdfxform (from TL)

Upgraded libraries

macOS support

It is now possible to install MiKTeX via the Homebrew package manager:

/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
brew tap miktex/miktex
brew install miktex

See this howto for more info.

Bug fixes

  • 2604: Report clearly when repository servers are intentionally offline