TeX Directory Structure

The TeX Directory Structure (TDS) specifies a convention for organizing the files of TeX-related packages in a directory tree. The root of this tree, which is called the TEXMF root directory, usually contains one ore more of the following sub-directories:

  • bibtex/bib
  • bibtex/bst
  • fonts/afm
  • fonts/enc
  • fonts/map
  • fonts/opentype
  • fonts/pfb
  • fonts/source
  • fonts/tfm
  • fonts/type1
  • fonts/vf
  • tex/generic
  • tex/latex
  • tex/lualatex
  • tex/luatex
  • tex/plain
  • tex/xelatex

For example, the LaTeX input files of package foo are expected to be found in tex/latex/foo/.

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