pdfTeX 1.40.17

This is a modified version of the pdfTeX NEWS file (which is a part of the pdfTeX source code). Original: click.

pdfTeX 3.14159265-2.6-1.40.17


  • if environment variable SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH is set, use its value for the CreationDate and ModDate values, and to seed the trailer /ID. This by itself should suffice to create reproducible PDFs. The other changes support more granular output tweaks along the same lines.
  • new primitive \pdfinfoomitdate to omit CreationDate and ModDate keys.
  • new primitive \pdftrailer to allow adding to the trailer dictionary.
  • new primitive \pdftrailerid to set seed for the trailer /ID computation; with an empty argument \pdftrailerid{}, the /ID is omitted.
  • new primitive \pdfsuppressptexinfo to omit PTEX.* keys from output; the value is a bitmask:
    % 1 -> PTEX.Fullbanner
    % 2 -> PTEX.FileName
    % 4 -> PTEX.PageNumber
    % 8 -> PTEX.InfoDict (/Producer /Creator /CreationDate /ModDate /Trapped)


  • do not crash if font size of a vf >= 2048pt.