Configure TeXShop

Like TeXworks, which is bundled with MiKTeX, TeXShop is a TeX front end: you can use it to write LaTeX documents. Please visit the TeXShop project page if you want to learn more about TeXShop.

TeXShop expects to find TeX related utilities in /Library/TeX/texbin. Since this is not the location of the MiKTeX executables, it is necessary to set some preferences in TeXShop:

  1. Start TeXShop
  2. Open Preferences and click the Engine tab
  3. Click the (pdf)TeX field and enter the path to the folder which contains the pdftex executable. If you have a private MiKTeX installation, you must enter ~/bin (the tilde character is expanded by TeXShop). If you have installed MiKTeX system-wide, you must enter /usr/local/bin.

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