Portable Edition

The portable edition allows you to run MiKTeX from a portable storage device:

  • you carry MiKTeX on a portable storage device for use on any Windows computer
  • configuration settings are stored on the portable storage device and not in the Windows Registry of the host computer
  • by using MiKTeX Portable, you leave no traces on the host computer
  • you do not need administrator privileges on the host computer


  1. Download the installer (basic-miktex-*.exe)
  2. Rename the installer to miktex-portable.exe

How to install

You install MiKTeX Portable by running the installer (miktex-portable.exe).

How to use the portable edition

  1. Connect the portable storage device to a Windows (see prerequisites) computer.
  2. Start Windows Explorer (Windows+E) and browse to the MiKTeX installation directory on the portable storage device.
  3. Double click the Windows command script file named miktex-portable.
  4. The MiKTeX Console icon is added to the notification area of the Windows Taskbar. By right-clicking the icon, you open a context menu: Task bar icon context menu
  5. It is recommended, that you update MiKTeX regularly in order to get the latest bug fixes and package updates.
  6. Before disconnecting the portable storage device, you should exit MiKTeX Console by clicking the Exit command.