Dockerized MiKTeX

The Docker image allows you to run MiKTeX on any computer that supports Docker.

Obtaining the image

Get the latest image from the registry:

docker pull miktex/miktex

Using the image


The host directory containing the input files must be mounted to the container path /miktex/work.

The container image contains a bare MiKTeX setup and MiKTeX is configured to install missing files the container directory /miktex/.miktex. It is recommended that you mount this directory to a Docker volume.


First, create a Docker volume named miktex:

docker volume create --name miktex

This volume should be used to mount the the container directory /miktex/.miktex in subsequent runs.

Provided that your main input file is located in the current working directory, you can run pdflatex as follows:

docker run -ti \
  -v miktex:/miktex/.miktex \
  -v `pwd`:/miktex/work \
  miktex/miktex \
  pdflatex main.tex

Issue tracker

Please use this issue tracker for bug reports and enhancement requests: