• Qt Linguist (a part of Qt)
  • msgfmt (Cygwin: package gettext-devel)


The main language is English (en). The following translations are currently available:

  • de

Please submit a GitHub issue, if you want to translate into a new language.

Language source files

The language source file are a part of the MiKTeX source code.

.ts files (Qt Linguist)

  • Libraries/MiKTeX/UI/Qt/translations/ui_LANG.ts
  • Programs/MiKTeX/Console/Qt/translations/console_LANG.ts

You can use Qt Linguist to edit .ts. If you want preview you work, you can create the .qm file via File|Release.

.po files (GNU gettext utilities)

  • Libraries/MiKTeX/App/po/LANG/miktex-app.po
  • Libraries/MiKTeX/Setup/po/LANG/miktex-setup.po
  • Libraries/MiKTeX/TeXAndFriends/po/LANG/miktex-texmf.po
  • Programs/TeXAndFriends/pdftex/po/LANG/miktex-pdftex.po

You can use your favorite text editor to work on .po files. If you want to preview your work, you create the .mo file by running:

msgfmt --locale=LANG -i NAME.po -o


MiKTeX programs honor the environment variable MIKTEX_TRANSLATOR_BASEDIR in order to locate .qm and .mo files.

Please note that .mo files must be installed in LANG/LC_MESSAGES/ relative to the base directory.

Submitting you work

You can either submit a GitHub pull request or attach .ts and/or .po files to a GitHub ticket.