Rollout MiKTeX in your organization

If you intend to install MiKTeX on many client computers, here is the recipe:

  1. set up a local package repository on a server and share it in your organization
  2. create a command script which silently installs MiKTeX from the local package repository
  3. deploy MiKTeX by running the script on the client computers

Set up a local package repository on the server

Get the standalone version of the setup utility for Windows:


Run the setup utility on the server to set up the local package repository:

miktexsetup_standalone --verbose --local-package-repository=C:\temp\miktex --package-set=complete download

Depending on your Internet connection, this will take some time. When the command finishes, you have a local package repository in C:\temp\miktex. It is recommended that you run this command periodically in order to keep the repository up-to-date.

Share the local package directory so that network users can install MiKTeX from here:

net share miktex=C:\temp\miktex /grant:everyone,READ /users:10

Create a MiKTeX setup script

Create a script which can be run on client machines to silently install MiKTeX:

@echo off
\\SERVER\miktex\miktexsetup_standalone.exe --quiet --local-package-repository=\\SERVER\miktex --package-set=basic install

Deploy MiKTeX

Visit the client computers and run the script.

More information

MiKTeX Setup Utility