Submitting a MiKTeX problem report

You want to report an issue with your MiKTeX installation? Fine, please read this article before you press the Submit button.

1. A short checklist

1.1. MiKTeX is up-to-date

If possible, install the latest MiKTeX updates and try it again.

1.2. This is not a known bug

Write down a one-liner which summarizes the problem. Then perform an Internet search with the one-liner as the query.

1.3. MiKTeX installation report

Create a MiKTeX installation report by running

initexmf --report> miktex-report.txt

1.4. MiKTeX history

If the problem is not easily reproducible on other systems, it is essential that you provide MiKTeX history by attaching MiKTeX log files to your problem report.

There are two directories which contain MiKTeX log files:


  1. %LOCALAPPDATA%\MiKTeX\miktex\log
  2. %PROGRAMDATA%\MiKTeX\miktex\log

2. Submitting

The MiKTeX issue tracker is hosted by GitHub. To create a new issue, visit and click New issue.

2.1. Title

Write a title which summarizes the problem.

2.2. Description

First of all, the problem description should be self-contained. That means: it should not contain links to external sites (e.g., Stack Exchange Network).

Next, make sure that others will be able to reproduce the problem mentally and physically (on their systems). Describe the exact steps which reproduce the problem in as many details as possible. Tell us what you expected and what instead happened.

2.3. Attachments

Please attach the following information:

  1. Installation report (see above)
  2. Input: your problem might only be reproducible with certain input. In that case, collect your input files and create a Zip archive.
  3. Output: copy/paste error messages or create a screenshot.
  4. History: as noted above, it is essential that you provide MiKTeX log files if your problem is not easily reproducible on other systems. Collect MiKTeX log files (see above) and create a Zip archive.